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Adventure Awaits as a Locum Tenens Advanced Practitioner

Locum tenens means “to hold the place of,” and the terminology is widely used within the healthcare field to describe the temporary placement of a medical provider. Although locum tenens is the proper Latin term, it is sometimes times referred to as locum tenen, locums tenens or just locums.

Are you an advanced practitioner with a sense of adventure? Working as a locum tenens provider allows you to explore new practice environments as well as new geographical locations. Advanced practice locum tenens fill in for full time providers who need to take time off for maternity leave, vacations or other extended absences that are unique to each facility. Additionally, some facilities require locum tenens that can fill in for individual shifts on an as-needed basis.

Full-time, part-time, short-term and long-term opportunities are currently available for locum tenens advanced practitioners at facilities throughout the United States.

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