Benefits of Locums

The truth about locum tenens

From the expense to a lack of provider experience, there are many misconceptions surrounding locum tenens coverage that often date back to the earlier days of this staffing solution. The good news for health systems, hospitals, clinics and practices is that locum tenens has come a long way and can deliver big benefits to facilities, providers and patients alike, including:

Filling in for unexpectedly absent providers
Locum tenens is a great solution for coverage in these situations, ensuring that your providers take the time they need to be well again while also ensuring that your patients receive the care they need so they don’t have to seek it elsewhere.

Vetting new permanent hires
If you have open positions to fill, locum tenens is a great “try before you buy” way for both parties to thoroughly and meaningfully assess whether the opportunity and the provider are a good fit before agreeing to something permanent.

Accommodating seasonal variations in patient volumes
If your medical facility is located near a popular seasonal destination, such as a beach town or ski resort, you know all too well how patient volumes can boom or bust from season to season. Locum tenens providers are a cost-effective solution that improves patient satisfaction while fighting staff burnout.

Starting a new service
Utilizing locum tenens providers to start a new service allows facilities to minimize their investment in what may or may not be a successful venture while still aiming to broaden their horizons and boost their bottom line.

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