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The Role of Locums in a Value-Based Care Model

Hero Blog Locum value based

As many organizations within the healthcare industry shift from fee-for-service toward value-based care, health leaders can improve outcomes and reduce costs using locums.

Locum Tenens: The Reality and Positive Impact of Locums

Hero blog Reality of locums

Perceptions of locum tenens providers have evolved over time. The tradition of healthcare professionals standing in for other clinicians dates back nearly 150 years, although the arrangement hasn’t always been referred to as locum tenens.

COVID-19: Safeguarding Seasoned Physicians


80% to 85% of U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 are in people aged 60 and older. Approximately one-third of our nation’s doctors are 60 and older.

Second Surge: Bracing for the Next Wave with Locums


The second wave of COVID-19 may present even greater staffing challenges for health administrators. A trusted locum tenens partner can help leaders shore up staff and brace for impact.

Strategic Recovery: Behavioral Health Support

Strategic Recovery Behavioral Health Support

As facilities and state governors press forward to resume normal operations, is there likely to be an increased need for behavioral health services due to the COVID-19 disease?

8 Ways Locum Tenens Providers Can Improve Patient Experience

hero Blog ways to improve patient experience

Measuring patient satisfaction is complicated, as the patient experience is multi-faceted and challenging to classify, much less gauge.

Strategic Recovery: Using Locum Providers to Help Resume Surgical Care

Hero blog Surgical care

Although elective surgeries have been halted across the nation due to the outbreak of COVID-19, surgery centers and hospitals are planning to selectively resume these procedures.

Telehealth and Locums: A Critical Option for COVID-19 Support

Hero blog CCL Telepathy

The demand for telehealth is only going to increase with the federal government recently announcing an expansion of Medicare telehealth services.

With Utmost Appreciation for Our Physicians on Doctor’s Day and Every Day

Hero Blog Doctors day

it’s likely, as doctors were amid a decades-long battle against polio, and researchers were fervently working to develop treatments and a vaccine.

State License Waivers: Pragmatism Amidst Pandemic


While it is true that several states are relaxing their licensing requirements, healthcare providers cannot simply start practicing in another state.

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