10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Locums Assignment

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October 13, 2022 01:14 AM (GMT-05:00)
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How to Pick a Locum Tenens Assignment That’s Right for You

If you’re a physician or advanced practice provider on the hunt for a locum tenens opportunity, you’ll want to consider several factors to find an assignment that’s the right fit. Here are 10 factors to consider – along with several questions to ask yourself as you evaluate each opportunity.


  • Where is the assignment located?
  • Will I be working close to home or traveling across state lines?
  • Do my licensure and certification qualify me to work in that state?


  • Is the facility a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, private practice, nursing center, etc.?
  • What unique features does the facility offer (technological advancements, research opportunities, etc.)?
  • Is this facility type aligned with my goals? Will it help me learn, advance my career, reach certain patients, etc.?

Schedule and Stint

  • What are the shift hours?
  • How long will the assignment last?
  • Do I intend to work locums as my primary position or as a part-time/moonlighting opportunity?

Patient Population

  • What is the patient volume?
  • What is the patient mix?
  • Will this assignment help me reach underserved patients?

Practice Requirements

  • What are the practice requirements of this assignment?
  • Does my current skillset fit the job?
  • If not, what certification/skills can I gain to pursue assignments like this in the future?


  • What technology skills are required?
  • Am I familiar with the EHR system, or if not, can I pick it up quickly?
  • Is this a telehealth position?

Travel and Housing

  • How will I get to the assignment, and will the agency pay for my travel?
  • What are my accommodation options?
  • Can I bring my family or a pet?

Compensation and Perks

  • Does the assignment pay well?
  • Do they offer weekly direct deposit?
  • Are there any perks like professional liability insurance?

Agency Support

  • Will the agency help me with licensing and credentialing?
  • Will they arrange my travel and housing and help me if I encounter complications?
  • Will I have a team working on my behalf to negotiate terms and provide any support I may need on the job?

Ready to jump in and start exploring your options? Find your next locums assignment now.

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