5 Ways to Welcome Locum Tenens Providers to Your Facility

5 tips for welcoming LT to your facilities
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August 24, 2022 02:10 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Tips for Effective Onboarding of Locums

By nature, providers who prefer the locums lifestyle are typically eager to jump in, feet-first. Successful locums are accustomed to merging with a team and helping deliver uninterrupted care as seamlessly as possible. However, facilities can provide a warm welcome and set locum tenens providers up for success with these five tips.

How to Welcome Locums to Your Facility

1. Put the hospitality in hospital.

Before the locums provider’s first day, send an email with a photo and bio of the provider to staff and ask them to help welcome the new team member. On the first day of the assignment, have a greeter meet the provider at the door and then introduce the provider to the staff and team. During the assignment, include the provider by inviting them to meals and social gatherings. Don’t forget to share what’s great about your town and community, such as favorite sights to see, places to eat and activities to enjoy.

2. Lead a tour of your facility.

To help the new locums provider get familiar with their surroundings, take them on a walk-through. Show them where they’ll park. Let them know where they can take a break and get meals or snacks. Point them to the restrooms. Also, provide a thorough tour of the floor and department, including where you store PPE, medical supplies and equipment.

3. Go over specific details of the assignment.

Orient the new provider with the specifics of their assignment. Confirm start and end dates, expectations, and shift hours. Delve into the job description and duties and organizational policies and procedures.

4. Provide a welcome packet.

Create a packet with important information for the new provider. Include staff contacts and an organizational chart. Set them up with an ID badge, logins and passwords, a list of commonly used codes, etc.

5. Make time for training.

Locum tenens providers are used to effectively applying what they know and picking up the rest along the way. But initially, they’ll need to become familiar with your electronic health records, billing procedures, safety measures, and more. Either in advance or on the first day, provide training and have the provider shadow another team member.

As you tailor your locum tenens onboarding approach to fit your facility, consider how you can best welcome new providers to your team. Building an effective onboarding strategy will help you optimize locums support and will help ensure your patients, providers and staff are as healthy, happy and safe as possible.

To get locum tenens support for your facility, request staffing coverage.

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