Celebrating Physician Assistants During National PA Week, October 6-12

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October 06, 2021 01:52 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Physician assistants have been working especially hard this year, and we want to send out a huge thank you! Thanks for your dedication to caring for your patients, supporting your care teams, sharing your expertise and upholding your profession.

National PA Week

National PA Week is October 6-12. And while we’re grateful for physician assistants year-round, PA Week gives us all a special opportunity to thank the PAs in our lives. National PA Day was established in 1987 to celebrate individual PAs, raise awareness of the PA profession, and inform the public about the role PAs play in keeping us all healthy. In 2004, the event was expanded from a one-day celebration to National PA Week (pahx.org).

About the PA Profession

The physician assistant profession was founded by Dr. Eugene Stead at Duke Medical Center in 1965, and the field has grown ever since! Today, there are nearly 150,000 PAs practicing in the United States (AAPA). The demand for PAs continues to expand and has an expected employment growth of 31 percent by 2030 (BLS).

Physician assistants have a challenging but rewarding career that features the following traits (AAPA):

  • PAs have generalist medical training, so they are qualified to treat the whole patient.
  • They can serve as their patients’ main healthcare provider – diagnosing illnesses, managing treatment plans, prescribing medications, and more.
  • They often focus on preventive care, chronic conditions, and patient education.
  • PAs have rigorous background training that includes 2,000 hours of clinical rotations in various disciplines.
  • They work across an array of healthcare environments including hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, clinics, educational facilities, government health, and correctional institutions.

What It’s Like to Be a PA

PA was ranked #1 Best Job by U.S. News & World Report for 2021. PAs enjoy either autonomy of practice or working as part of a physician-led team, depending on their state. They require less training than an MD, but can examine, diagnose, and treat patients. The career is considered less stressful than that of a physician and has an extremely high job satisfaction rating. With less administrative demands, PAs can devote more time to cultivating patient-provider relationships.

How You Can Celebrate National PA Week

For ideas on how to best celebrate the PAs in your life, visit the AAPA’s National PA Week webpage. There, you’ll find graphics, social media tips, events, opportunities, and more. Be sure to also follow Cross Country Locum’s social channels as we will focused on PAs all week! You don’t want to miss our podcasts and other social posts!

If you’re a PA who is eager to embark on your next adventure, check out our physician assistant opportunities today.

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