Dentist Salary Report 2023

Dentist Salary Report 2023
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February 17, 2023 01:29 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Average Dentist Salary and Hourly Pay Information

Dentists can earn excellent pay, are in high demand and enjoy a wealth of opportunities across the nation. The career is highly ranked compared to other professions. Dentistry offers job stability and career growth opportunities. Here, we highlight the most recently available statistics on dentist compensation, employment, demand, rankings and more.

Dentist Salary and Hourly Compensation

Dentists’ median salary was $163,2200 in 2021, with the highest-paid 10% of dentists earning $208,000 and the lowest-paid 10% earning 63,880 for the year, according to the most recent available data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Dentist Salary by Specialty

The median annual wage by specialty for dentists was $208,000 or more for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, $208,000 or more for orthodontists, $160,370 for general dentists, $100,950 for prosthodontists, and $160,370 for all other specialties (BLS).

Dentist Salary by State

Dentists in the state of Hawaii earned the most ($196,559), followed by Massachusetts, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Oregon. The bottom five states were Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana ($122,604).

Locum Tenens Dentist Pay

Dentists who work as locum tenens contractors have the potential to earn even more than their salaried counterparts. Locum tenens dentists are usually considered 1099 independent contractors rather than W-2 employees. Because they work for themselves, locum tenens dentists forego certain benefits of being an employee, but in return, they can earn a higher per-hour rate, as much as 25%, depending on their assignment.

Dentist Employment

Dentistry is a career with outstanding job security: a whopping 99.5% of dentists are employed! The unemployment rate in 2022 for dentists was only 0.5% (USNWR), while the overall unemployment rate for all U.S. jobs was between 3.5 and 4%.

Demand for Dentists

As of 2021, there were 146,000 dentists in the nation. The BLS expects employment of dentists to grow by 6% to 154,600 over the next decade (BLS). This anticipated demand is due to the increasing number of older individuals needing dental services, the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry and a need for oral cancer and gum disease treatments.

Dentist Career Rankings

Dentistry is an outstanding field. Dentist is ranked #4 in Best Health Care Jobs, #8 in Best STEM Jobs, #10 in Best Jobs and #11 in Best Paying Jobs by U.S. News and World Reports.

Dentist Resources

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Dentist Jobs

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