Here’s How to Make Locums Work for You – Even With a Full- or Part-Time Job!

How to Make Locums Work for You
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July 30, 2021 02:06 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Taking a locum tenens assignment can be transformational – financially, personally, and professionally, but some physicians and advanced practice providers feel bound by the limits of their current positions, believing the locums arrangement won’t work for them. Yet nationwide, providers with full- and part-time jobs are enjoying the benefits of working locum tenens. Here, we’ll look at what prevents some clinicians from taking the leap to locums and how others are making it work.

For Many Providers, Locum Assignments Can Feel Out of Reach

Many physicians and advanced practice providers who have considered locums don’t see it as a possibility since they’re already engaged in full- or part-time practice. Providers may feel locums is out of reach because they believe assignments will be in a distant location or will require a schedule that doesn’t align with the demands of their current position. Some see it as an ideal scenario for the future but can’t see how it would work as a practical solution right now.

However, providers who have had the experience of finding a skilled locums recruiter at a trusted, well-established agency know that pairing locums with a full- or part-time job is not only possible, it’s a life-changing decision that can be immensely rewarding. Effective locum tenens recruiters have the expertise, agility and connections to find locums assignments with schedules and locations that seamlessly align with the lifestyles of the providers they serve.

How Providers Can Make Locums Work Alongside a Full-Time or Part-Time Position

If you’re practicing full-time or part-time but want to supplement with locums, consider these options:

  • Practice virtually. Telehealth can be extremely convenient – for you and for patients. You won’t have to worry about travel time or traffic stress, and you can care for patients from the comfort of your home.
  • Moonlight. Covering a few hours for a night shift can be quite lucrative, especially if you need to earn extra income over a shorter period of time.
  • Work weekends You can either stay close to home or have a short getaway as you practice on the weekends. You can even bring your family and turn the assignment into a mini-vacation for them.
  • Use vacation time. In many cases, you can use your personal vacation time to embark on a locums assignment. Again, bringing family along can ensure you don’t feel like you’ve lost that valuable time together.
  • Bring your pet. Some providers may avoid traveling on a locums assignment if they have a pet. If you’ve got a pet, don’t let that stop you. Tell your recruiter. They can often find the ideal accommodations for you and your companion.
  • Limit your locums commitments. You can choose how often you want to work locums. Avoid overworking yourself by limiting your assignments to only a couple of shifts per month.
  • Rely on your recruiter. Providers and recruiters work together to explore various locum tenens possibilities and select what works best. Let your recruiter know precisely what you’re looking for but remain open to various opportunities. A great recruiter will be an advocate for you and an asset to your career.

Why Providers Choose Locums to Enhance Their Full- or Part-Time Practice

Supplemental locum tenens assignments appeal to physicians and advanced practice providers for an array of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Locums assignments can be highly lucrative. You can earn more when you work locums – whether your aim is to pay off student loans, build a nest egg, save for a down payment on a house, buy a new car, pay for your children’s college, retire early, or splurge on a vacation.
  • Locums assignments can generate new possibilities. Locum tenens assignments can help you rekindle passion for your field, hone your skills, learn about a new specialty, see how others practice, network with like-minded professionals, explore new working environments or locations, and even consider a permanent change.
  • Locums assignments can expand your reach. Through locum tenens, you can help out facilities that need your support and expertise, work with underserved patient populations in rural or urban areas, or give back by caring for veterans, indigenous Americans, or children and families in need.

Discover why providers across the nation choose to work locums alongside their permanent positions and find out how our team of staffing experts can help you find your ideal locum tenens adventure.

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