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September 15, 2020 10:55 AM (GMT-04:00)
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What defines home for you? Is it rising to a warm cup of coffee in the morning, binge watching your favorite shows from the comfort of the couch, soaking in a bubble bath at the end of a long day, or crawling into bed with a riveting novel? Is home happiness, safety, security, family? Is it food, adventure, entertainment, respite?
When you decide to embark on a locums assignment, it’s important to consider what makes a home a home for you, to identify your housing wants and needs, and to communicate those to your locums housing specialist. While there may be certain limitations on what they can provide, a superior locum tenens agency will go out of their way to ensure you have the best possible experience while on assignment. That way, you’ll be eager to return! Here’s a look at locum tenens housing options, accommodation requests, and tips for creating a home away from home.

Locum Tenens Housing Options

The housing you may have while on locums assignment largely depends upon your length of stay and what’s available in the area: 
  • Brief Stay. If you’ll be serving a very short stint, say a week or two, you’ll likely stay in a hotel room with a refrigerator and perhaps a small kitchenette. This can be a bonus, as you can reap the benefits of the hotel’s rewards program. Check online reviews beforehand to ensure you’ll be satisfied with the space. You can arrange for accommodations such as bottom or top floor room, kitchenette, location near or away from elevators, etc. 
  • Short Assignment. If your locums stay will be weeks to months, you may be in an extended-stay hotel with more living space. You’ll have a place to store food and cook your dinners at home. Again, you can benefit from reward points and can request accommodations that suit your needs. 
  • Longer Term. If you’ll be staying over 30 days, you may be living in a furnished corporate apartment or rental property. This will give you more living space, but you’ll want to research amenities beforehand and negotiate as needed. A trusted locums team will do what they can so you’ll be excited to continue working locums into the future.
A note about finding locums housing: You can always decide to arrange for housing yourself! It’s more research and footwork on your part, but many physicians and APs enjoy this part of the process, especially if they’ll be bringing family or pets along.

Locum Tenens Housing Requests

Consider your wants and needs in regard to housing. Don’t be afraid to make requests. Your locums housing expert should try to accommodate when possible. Remember that their hands may be tied if you’re in an area with limited housing options. Also, there may be the opportunity to upgrade or to make the arrangements on your own if you’d like. Speak with your housing representative about:
    Amenities – Gym, pool, on-site laundry, ironing board, Wi-Fi, breakfast
    Accessibility – Proximity to elevator, ground or upper floor
    Location – Close to work, in the mix, far from city noise
    Surroundings – Restaurants, entertainment, grocery, library, transportation
    Family – Spouse, children, pets, visitors

Creating a Home Away From Home    

Ultimately, you’re the one who can make your lodgings your home – even if for a brief time. Think about what you’ll need to create your home away from home so you can get the most from your locums adventure. A few ideas…
  • Keep a vase of fresh flowers on your table
  • Set framed photos of loved ones by your bed
  • Take your favorite pillow, sheets, or blanket
  • Pack a sleeping mask, sound machine, and good books
  • Cook your favorite comfort foods or order in 
  • Make arrangements to bring your spouse, kids, or pets along (it’s possible!)
  • Immerse yourself in your new city 
  • Forge friendships with new colleagues on assignment

Travel with Cross Country Locums

Ready to set off on your next locums adventure? Let our team of experts find you a match that fits your schedule, interests, and housing needs. Take your next locum tenens assignment today.

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