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August 12, 2022 04:40 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Which Is Right for You – Locum Tenens or a Permanent Position?

Wondering about the differences between locum tenens assignments and permanent positions? Which one appeals most to you?

Locum Tenens Providers…
Permanent Providers…
Work for themselves as independent contractors
Work for an organization as employees
Choose from individual assignments of varying lengths – from days to months at a time
Work indefinitely or until their contract ends
Choose from assignments with different schedules –  part- to full-time, day or night shift, weekdays or weekends
Practice according to their contracted schedule
Travel to different locations in or out-of-state, depending on each assignment
Work within one healthcare system or organization, often at a single practice location
Typically receives an hourly rate, medical malpractice coverage, travel and lodging reimbursement, etc.
Typically receive benefits like dental, medical, 401k match, etc.
Enjoy flexibility, freedom and autonomy
Enjoy security of a stable, predictable paycheck
Must pay social security and taxes directly to the IRS themselves
Have social security and taxes automatically withdrawn from paycheck and paid to IRS by employer
Gain wider exposure to other providers and facilities, can gain more experience
Can develop longer-term relationships with providers and more depth of practice
Get to reach more patients, often in remote or underserved areas
Get to know their community build long-term patient relationships
Must be able to quickly adapt to different EHR systems and practice procedures
Can become proficient with EHR systems and practice procedures, can influence administrative decisions
Get to pair work and travel, see the country
Get to stay home, become established in one location
Can explore different work settings, specialties, and atmospheres
Can become deeply rooted in one setting or specialty
May appeal to younger providers who aren’t ready to settle down or older providers who aren’t ready to fully retire and have the ability/freedom to travel
May appeal to providers who have growing families or those who don’t like to travel for work
Can try out a new town, practice or organization before making a long-term commitment
Are obligated to their contract – can’t try out the job first
Don’t have the burdens of as much administrative work, practice politics, etc.
Have to deal with the stress of administrative work, practice politics, etc.

Whether you choose to work locum tenens or take a permanent position is a personal decision. Neither option is better than the other; they simply appeal to different types of providers – or providers at different stages in their careers.

To learn more about whether working locum tenens is ideal for you, connect with one of our top recruiters today.

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