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May 03, 2021 10:04 AM (GMT-04:00)
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While some physicians may be counting down their days to retirement, others can’t bear the notion of completely giving up medicine. More and more physicians are choosing to transition into retirement gradually and working locum tenens is ideal for this purpose.

Retirement can be a welcome relief for burned out doctors. Retired physicians get to say goodbye and good riddance to administrative demands, unreasonable hours, and excessive patient volume. No more bringing work home, being on call on nights or weekends, and endlessly worrying about how to keep the private practice afloat.

But what about the patients and the practice of medicine? Won’t the retired physician miss the rewards of caring for the community, the passion for continual learning, the thrill of passing along wisdom to emerging physicians, and the joy of contributing to the medical knowledge base?

Many physicians will. This is where semi-retirement makes sense.

Locums can be the answer.

Why Semi-Retired Physicians Choose Locums

Nationwide, physicians who are not quite ready to hang up their coats are choosing semi-retirement instead. There are many reasons these doctors take locums assignments. Here are a few.

When you work locums, you can:

Find a schedule that fits your needs. You’ll be able to choose from locums assignments that are part-time, full-time, weekends, weekdays, or evenings. A trusted locums recruiter can help you find an assignment with as many or as few hours as you’d like.

Travel to see the country or be near family. There are locums assignments all over the nation. You can take an assignment in a region you’ve never explored or find one near your kids or grandchildren. Or you can pick up some hours locally and use the additional income to treat yourself to a vacation.

Stay mentally engaged and physically active. Locums assignments can help you fill your days during retirement. Keeping busy will help you avoid the boredom (or even depression) that can come with retirement.

Have fun practicing medicine. Without the demands of running a private practice or working in a busy hospital with high patient volume, workplace politics, burnout, and stress, you can enjoy being a doctor. Forget dealing with paperwork, managing staff, or fretting about the business. Focus on doing what you love and what you’ve trained to do.

Supplement your income. Locums assignments allow you to pick up some extra money on the side without having to draw down your retirement savings. That way, you can preserve your capital and investments.

Help out other physicians, your specialty, and the healthcare field. When you work locums, you’ll be covering for doctors who are out on maternity leave or taking a much-needed vacation. You may be filling in for those who are dealing with long-term illnesses. You can help hospitals that are struggling to fill vacancies, combat shortages, or handle surges. If you’re a specialist, patients will certainly need your services when their doctors are unavailable.

Enjoy the extras. From travel and accommodations to insurance and benefits, locums providers enjoy all kinds of perks. Your recruiter will help you navigate licensing, credentialing, interviewing, and vetting. Further, your compensation will reflect your willingness to mobilize and take on shorter-term assignments.

Give back to patients who need you most. Locums assignments offer the opportunity to reach underserved patients. Help out in rural or urban areas or work with veterans for the VA or indigenous populations for Indian Health Services.

Keep learning. Fulfill your passion for your interests and area of focus, hone your specialized skills, and stay current. Through locums, you can expand your network and exposure and interact with providers across the nation.

Pass it on. Share your experience with emerging physicians in your field. Locums assignments can allow you to inspire others, share what you know, and mentor newer providers. You may even find a renewed interest in academia or in practicing medicine at an educational institution.

No matter what drives you to keep practicing medicine, working with a trusted locums agency is key. To speak with a recruiter who will help you find an assignment that checks all of your boxes, contact us today.

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