Looking for the Best Locum Tenens Recruiter?

Looking for the Best Locum Tenens Recruiter
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July 20, 2022 06:52 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Here Are the Top 5 Traits That Make Locums Recruiters Great

Can you imagine…

  • Actually enjoying your job search?
  • Breezing through your licensing and credentialing process?
  • Having an assignment seamlessly lined up before you finish your current one?
  • Enjoying expert support from your own advocate, negotiator and career coach?

Top recruiters offer that and much more. Having a masterful recruiter on your side can make all the difference along your locum tenens journey! Here’s what to look for…

5 Traits to Look for in a Locum Tenens Recruiter

As you research recruiters, don’t hesitate to ask each individual about their experience and approach. Recruiters will be asking you plenty of questions, and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them questions to get an idea of their skills, strengths and personality. Ideally, you’ll be able to find the right match and build a long-term connection with a recruiter who is best for you.

Top locum tenens recruiters are:

  • 1.Sociable, warm and friendly. Though you can’t possibly know how well-connected a recruiter is right off the bat, it’s a good sign if the recruiter strikes you as a “people-person.” By nature, successful recruiters are typically confident, outgoing and approachable, even with people they’ve just met. Since recruiters spend a great deal of time networking, they must be able to navigate relationships well. Look for someone who seems professional, solution-oriented, poised and kind.
  • 2. Organized, efficient and detail-oriented. Recruiters juggle numerous tasks on tight timelines. If the recruiter you’re considering repeatedly misses calls, forgets details or doesn’t promptly return emails, look elsewhere. The best recruiters are quick. They don’t leave loose ends. They understand all facets of their industry – licensing, credentialing, vetting, traveling, onboarding, and much more. They are dedicated to overcoming challenges and fulfilling requests. They’re the type of people who get a kick out of solving problems.
  • 3. Advocates and negotiators. Masterful recruiters know how to make the puzzle pieces fit together for providers and facilities. That’s why they are skilled at finding the right provider for their clients AND negotiating for providers’ wants and needs. When you work with a recruiter, you won’t have to negotiate directly with the facility. Your recruiter will advocate on your behalf. Great recruiters are experts at facilitating deals!
  • 4. Career coaches. Experienced recruiters have spent countless hours pouring over cover letters and CVs, so they know what works and what doesn’t. They can provide feedback and recommend improvements. Plus, proactive recruiters give interview tips, guidance and insight. If you develop a long-term connection with a recruiter, they can even help you grow your career over the years.
  • 5. Free to you! Best of all, great recruiters won’t charge you a dime. Their services are paid for by their clients (health systems, hospitals, surgical centers, government health agencies, and the like). If a recruiter tries to charge you, find a different agency.

To find the best recruiter, ask around. Whenever you encounter providers who are on locums assignments, see who they know. Browse through locum tenens agencies’ social media sites to see who providers are raving about. Check out our top reasons to work with a locum tenens recruiter.

Remember, the right recruiter can make your life easier and take your career to a new level. Connect with one of our top recruiters today.

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