Meet Terra Lynn K., CRNA

Meet Terra Lynn K CRNA
Cross Country Locums
January 20, 2023 05:29 AM (GMT-04:00)
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At Cross Country Locums, we are privileged to work with outstanding physicians and advanced practice providers devoted to providing the best in patient care across the nation. We’re here to celebrate these providers and pass along their insights to inspire others interested in the field.

For National CRNA Week, we’re spotlighting an exceptional CRNA, Terra Lynn K. Terra Lynn shares about her motivation for becoming a CRNA, her advice for new CRNAs, what she enjoys about locums and more.

Why did you become a CRNA?

I joke that I became a CRNA by accident. When I went to nursing school, becoming a CRNA was not an advanced education option that was mentioned. I didn’t even know what a CRNA was. However, after a few years in nursing, I transferred to a Cardiovascular ICU where part of the orientation was to go to the OR and watch an open-heart surgery. The surgery itself was interesting, but I was placed next to this 5ft, 100 pound woman who I quickly noticed was running everything. The hemodynamics, the meds, the ventilation…. I looked at her and remember saying, “I need to know what YOU know!” That’s when I found out what a CRNA was and that it was what I wanted to become.

What advice would you give someone starting out in your field/profession?

Trust your instinct, it will rarely lead you astray. Same with humility.

Why did you choose to work locums?

I was fortunate enough to train with some very skilled locums CRNAs. They told me about that as an option very early on. Coincidentally, what they taught me became very valuable tools that I use every day. The varied experiences of different working environments taught me many ways to handle the same situation. Each new environment teaches you something.

What do you like about CCL?

The communication from CCL is crucial to a good working relationship. Prompt, informative, and consistent.

What do you like about working at the facilities CCL has placed you with?

Well, I’ve only worked at one facility through CCL and I guess I like it because I’ve been here for 2 years! The facility is as advertised which is very important when selecting a place that you will spend so much time at. Your OR becomes your home away from home, so it’s nice that CCL has an accurate description of the environment and the staff.

Locums Opportunities

If, like Terra Lynn, you’re ready to embark on a rewarding locums adventure and reach patients who need you most, explore our locum tenens opportunities today!

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