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Physician Assistant Career Options: A Top-Ranked Job with Outstanding Prospects!

Physician Assistant Career Options A Top-Ranked Job

Are you a physician assistant or on your way to becoming one? You’ve picked a top career with endless opportunities. Read more!

Career Options for Nurse Practitioners: A Top Job with a World of Opportunity!

career options for nurse practitioners

Already a nurse practitioner? On your way to becoming one? Your career opportunities are virtually unlimited!

Locum Tenens vs. Permanent Provider

Hero Locum Tenens vs Permanent Provider

Which one is right for you – locum tenens or a permanent position? This chart can help.

6 Must-haves When Applying for a Locum Tenens Opportunity

6 Must-haves When Applying for a Locum Tenens Opportunity

Locum tenens opportunities abound. Use this guide from Cross Country Staffing to streamline the process of getting started on your locum tenens opportunity. Learn more at

Looking for the Best Locum Tenens Recruiter?

Looking for the Best Locum Tenens Recruiter

Want to find the best locum tenens recruiter for you? Here are the top 5 traits to look for in a locums recruiter.

The Nocturnist Lifestyle

Hero blog the nocturnist life

Are you a hospitalist and a night owl? Becoming a nocturnist might be a rewarding career move for you. Read about the pros and cons of being a nocturnist.

Eating Healthy as a Locums

Hero blog eating healthy as a ccl

Prioritize your health on your next locum tenens assignment with these healthy snack and meal ideas.

10 Traits Hospitals Look for in Physicians

Hero blog Traits Hospitals Look for in Physicians

Hospitals screen for several soft skills when hiring physicians. Demonstrating these 10 traits may help you land your ideal locum tenens assignment or permanent position.

Reasons to Go Into Locums After Residency

Hero Young Doctor

About to finish your residency? Here’s why increasing numbers of Gen Z and Millennial providers are choosing the locum tenens lifestyle – right out of residency.

Stress-Free Travel for Locum Tenens Providers

Hero blog stress free travel

Here are our top tips for stress-free travel, whether you’re flying or driving to your next locum tenens assignment.

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