Reasons to Go Into Locums After Residency

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May 31, 2022 08:17 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Is it wise to start locum tenens assignments right after residency?

We think so. Here’s why.

Why Gen Z and Millennial Providers Are Choosing the Locums Lifestyle

Many physicians and advanced practice professionals have decided to build full-time careers through locum tenens. And it’s not only seasoned providers; emerging physicians and APPs are also choosing the locums lifestyle. The locum tenens arrangement appeals to next-gen, emerging professionals who value freedom, independence, work-life balance and adventure.

Benefits of Locum Tenens Assignments After Residency

We’ll admit we’re partial, but we interact with happy locums providers every day. The many benefits of the locum tenens lifestyle keep them returning for more. If you decide to start your career off by practicing as a locums provider, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. You’ll gain exposure to a variety of practice environments. If you’re still uncertain where you fit within the vast world of healthcare, locums can be a great way to explore your options. You can take assignments in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, private practices, clinics, nursing facilities, home health, telehealth, government health, and much more.
  2. You’ll be able to work with different patient populations. Want to discover which type of patients you’d prefer to see? Working on different locum tenens assignments can allow you to care for infants, children, young adults and seniors. You can also gain experience working with underserved patients in rural or urban areas, veterans through the VA or indigenous Americans through IHS.
  3. You’ll have opportunities to learn from providers across the nation. Practicing alongside other providers in different facilities across the country can give you rich and varied experiences. You’ll learn treatments and procedures you might not have had exposure to otherwise. It’s a wonderful way to build your CV and bolster your expertise.
  4. You can enjoy less stress. Working as a locum tenens provider frees you from the administrative burdens and workplace politics of running a practice. You’ll also be less likely to burn out because you’ll enjoy plenty of variety with new locations, patients and colleagues.
  5. You can build a network. As a locums provider, you’ll develop connections all over the nation. You’ll begin to recognize more and more colleagues at conferences. And those connections will grow exponentially as you take more assignments.
  6. You can try out a position without having to make a permanent commitment. If you want to settle down somewhere but are hesitant to commit, locums is an excellent way to try out a location. If it’s a fit, you can seek a permanent position, and if it’s not, move on.
  7. You can enjoy autonomy. As a locum tenens provider, you’ll have the freedom of being an independent contractor. You’ll contract for a locum tenens agency and work at the facility, but technically, you’ll still be self-employed.
  8. You’ll enjoy work-life balance. You can choose assignments that work for you. You can partner with your locum tenens recruiter to find short-term or long-term assignments. You’ll be able to pick assignments with work hours that fit your lifestyle.
  9. You’ll get to pair work and leisure. You’ll have the opportunity to see the country. You can explore different regions during your off-hours. Plus, you can bring along your loved one (or even a pet), so you can truly enjoy your downtime.
  10. You’ll earn competitive pay. Locum tenens positions pay well, and providers who make a career out of locums make a good living. Working locums can help you pay off med school loans, save to buy a home, build a nest egg and even save to open up a practice.
  11. You’ll have a team of experts on your side. When you find a trusted locums agency, you’ll have a team of professionals dedicated to your success. They’ll walk you through the entire process – job search, interview, vetting, credentialing and onboarding. They will make travel and housing arrangements for you. They’ll also provide support while you’re on assignment. And before your assignment ends, they’ll help you line up the next one.

If the locums path sounds like the right career choice for you…

Connect with our team of experts to get started on your locum tenens adventure today.

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