Top Reasons to Work With a Locums Recruiter

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September 08, 2021 09:01 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Ask around, and you’re bound to find many colleagues who love working with recruiters. By nature, locums recruiters are high-energy, “people” people, who are passionate about making ideal matches. They thrive on helping clinicians fulfill their career goals while delivering top-level talent for their healthcare clients, and for recruiters, that’s a win-win! Here’s why working with a locums recruiter can be a winning strategy for you.

15 Reasons to Work with a Locums Recruiter

An expert locums recruiter can:

  1. Save you time. We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole on a futile hunt for the right opportunity. But locums recruiters stay aware of what’s currently available. The right recruiter can pinpoint opportunities, saving you time lost to searching, chasing leads, and interviewing for jobs that aren’t a match.
  2. Lower your stress. It can be stressful to juggle various leads and keep up with the job search, application, and interview process, especially if you’re already working. A skilled locums recruiter can make finding your next assignment easy. They’ll organize the details for you.
  3. Access more career opportunities. Locums recruiters have inside information. They have access to locums assignments that aren’t advertised. Recruiters can rely on their network, industry, and client relationships to open doors for physicians and APPs.
  4. Keep you continually updated as new opportunities arise. If you’re in with a recruiter, you can get job alerts immediately, and you won’t have to be actively involved in an ongoing locums assignment search. Your recruiter will call or email when an assignment seems like a good fit.
  5. Find your ideal match. Experienced recruiters are skilled at matching providers with assignments that fit their wants and needs. They can find you options with various facilities, patient populations, specialties, and locations.
  6. Fit your scheduling needs. Recruiters can also look for flexible schedules with shorter- or longer-term locums assignments. Whether you want to work nights, weekends, weeks, or months, they’ll have options. And if you’re looking for part-time or full-time permanent positions, they’ll be able to refer you to their colleagues who specialize in those placements.
  7. Help you refine your CV and cover letter. Recruiters see CVs and cover letters all day long. They can review your materials and provide guidance for improvement.
  8. Give interview tips and feedback. If you’re a newer provider who hasn’t interviewed much or a provider who is coming out of retirement and hasn’t interviewed in a while, a good recruiter can help you with interview tips and feedback. You might even ask for a mock interview
  9. Help you navigate requirements – It can be time-consuming and irritating to chase down information for licensing, credentialing, vetting, and privileging. But recruiters are used to navigating these requirements and can help you get organized and qualified, especially if you’re interested in practicing across state lines.
  10. Advocate for your skills and strengths as a candidate. An effective recruiter will select the right candidates for the right position. Then, they’ll work to point out how your skills, strengths, and qualifications will make you the best person for the job.
  11. Negotiate on your behalf. Many people find negotiating for pay uncomfortable. If you work with a recruiter, they can negotiate pay and benefits for you.
  12. Help you with housing and travel arrangements. Once you’ve been hired, your locums recruiter can get you set up with your housing and travel, or connect you with a team who will help. Talk with your recruiter early on about whether you plan to bring family or a pet on assignment and whether you have any special requirements.
  13. Get you started quickly. When you work with an efficient locums recruiter, you can typically be interviewed, get hired, and get started much faster than you would on your own. That’s because they have relationships with clients and can streamline processes.
  14. Help you with onboarding and orientation and provide continued support. A great recruiter can ensure you feel confident and knowledgeable starting your assignment. They’ll be able to connect you with your onsite contact and get you onboarded and oriented. Further, you can reach out to your recruiter for ongoing support during the assignment.
  15. Serve as a long-term career partner. When you develop a connection with the right locums recruiter, you’ll have someone on your team who will help you fulfill your career goals. They’ll be a free resource who is invested in your success. A trusted recruiter can help you enjoy the locums adventure and can even be counted as a friend.
Ready to connect with an expert locums recruiter? Get started today.

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