Top Tips for Bringing Your Pet on Locums Assignment

Top Tips for Bringing Your Pet on Locums Assignment
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June 08, 2021 05:25 AM (GMT-04:00)
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If you’ve wanted to take a locums assignment in the past but avoided it because you have a pet, don’t let that stop you any longer. Physicians and APPs across the nation bring their pets on locums assignments and love the experience! These tips – from relying on your recruiter to embarking on great adventures – can help you make the most of your travels with your beloved pet!

Bringing Pets on Locums Assignments

1. Rely on your recruiter.

Tell your recruiter you want to take your pet along, and he/she will help you make a plan. From finding pet-friendly housing to giving tips on the best locations for pet owners, recruiters are skilled at making locums assignments work for you.

2. Get your pet prepped

Make sure your pet has had a veterinary exam and is up to date on vaccinations. Consider microchipping and get a collar and tag with your updated cell phone number on it.

3. Gather documentation.

Gather copies of your pet’s spay/neuter records, microchip information, and vaccine records. Also, depending on whether you’re flying or driving and what state you’ll be settling in, you may need to have a certificate of veterinary inspection, interstate health certificate, or proof of pet registration.

4. Pack it up.

When you pack for yourself, don’t forget to pack for your pet. Remember to bring items like a leash, brush, nail trimmer, food and water bowls, litter and litter box, pet bed, blanket, bones, and toys. Bring any medicines, shampoos, or special supplies as well.

5. Plan for travel.

Take a pet carrier, bed, or harness so your pet will be safe during the trip. And if your pet gets anxious, consider asking your vet for medication to help keep your pet calm during the journey. Plan time for breaks and pack food, treats, toys, and water if you have a long trip to your destination.

6. Sniff out your surroundings.

Arrive early so your pet has time to get settled. Take a trip around town to scout out pet-friendly places. Find parks, trails, and dining spots you can visit together. Look for the local vet and emergency animal hospital. Locate the pet supply stores, groomers, and boarding facilities.

7. Enjoy relaxing together.

Having your pet along can make your locums assignment feel like a home away from home. Enjoy having the comfort and companionship of your pet as you return after a shift. You can kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and snuggle with your fur kid on the couch. Plus, pets make great alarm clocks! It will be so much easier to jump out of bed when your companion is by your side begging for breakfast.

8. Embark on adventures.

Pets provide a nice way to get exercise and meet other people, so enjoy taking walks to get fresh air and connecting with neighbors and other pet owners. Or get adventurous and take long runs or hikes to explore local pet-friendly parks and trails. Take your pet on road trips during your off-time to see the countryside.

How Cross Country Locums Can Help

With more than 30 years of experience in a variety of placement options, including locum tenens, temporary and temp-to-perm, Cross Country Locums can help you find the pet-friendly assignment you’ve been dreaming about. Connect with one of our experienced locum tenens recruiters today.

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