Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians and APPs

Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians and APPs
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November 22, 2022 06:20 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Preparing for Your Locum Tenens Travel Assignment

Congratulations on making the leap to locums and deciding to travel!

If you’re working with a leading locum tenens agency, your travel team will have your back, and you can ask them anything. In the meantime, check out our top 10 tips to help you prepare for your first travel assignment as a locum tenens physician or advanced practice provider.

Top 10 Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Providers

  1. Select your accommodations. At most locum tenens agencies, you’ll have options. Either your team can arrange your lodging, or you can take a stipend and make arrangements yourself. Each option may depend on the length of stay, up-front costs, furnishings, etc., so connect with your housing specialist to select what’s best for you.
  2. Plan how you’ll travel and commute. Will you fly or drive to and from your destination? Once you’re there, will you use your vehicle, use local transit or take an Uber, Lyft or cab? Find out how people get around at your destination and pack with transportation in mind. Ask your recruiter about travel reimbursements or arrangements.
  3. Pack for your assignment length. How many weeks or months will you be on assignment? To pack as efficiently as possible, consider what you’ll need over the next few weeks or months. You can always pick up necessities if you’ve forgotten something.
  4. Squeeze it in. To make your packing compact and efficient, use space-saver bags, roll your clothes, bundle or nest items, or use packing cubes. Before packing, create a prioritized list, remembering that some items may not make the cut. Choose shoes and other clothing items that are versatile and appropriate for work, rest or play.
  5. Pack for your pet. If you have a longer assignment and are bringing a pet, remember to pack food, treats, toys, bed, crate, leash, litter box, etc. Also, be sure your pet is vaccinated and microchipped and that you have access to their vet records.
  6. Remember essential documents. Find out whether you should bring any instructions, contracts, handbooks, licenses, credentials, proof of insurance, social security card, birth certificate, etc. You may be able to bring digital versions of the required documents but check with your team to find out whether you need original paperwork.
  7. Scout out the new pad. When you arrive, walk through the property and take some pictures. Make sure there are no issues at move-in. Next, get familiar with the facility. Does the location have a gym, laundry facility, front office and mail area? Ensure you have all the keys and codes you need for access, mail, security and parking.
  8. Take a trip around town. After arrival, explore the location or search online to see what’s nearby. Find out where places you’ll visit are located, such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, gym, library, etc. If you plan to sight-see during your time off, scout out your next adventure.
  9. Be prepared. You may want to make a practice run to your assignment location. If possible, drop in and meet your contact and team. If you don’t have time to meet them in advance, be sure to allow plenty of time to arrive early on your first day, as you may run into traffic or challenges with parking.
  10. Rely on your resources. Don’t forget that your recruiter is there for you! You can also ask other travelers, check out social media sites, read books and find apps to help prepare for your new adventure.

We wish you the best on your first locum tenens travel assignment. Safe and happy travels! To search our jobs at exciting locations across the nation, see our locum tenens opportunities.

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