Emergency Medicine

Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Professional Profile

Locum tenens loosely translates to “place-holder”. Healthcare facilities use locum tenens emergency medicine physicians to fill in for other EM doctors who are on vacation or leave. Locum tenens emergency medicine physicians may also be needed to establish new service lines or satisfy staffing shortages. Traditionally, locum tenens appealed to physicians who were in retirement and wanted to return part-time, but the arrangement has evolved to include various scenarios and physicians at all stages of their careers – even those who are just starting out.

The locum tenens arrangement appeals to physicians for various reasons, from fulfilling a sense of adventure to allowing more time with family. The compensation for locum tenens emergency medicine physicians can be higher than the salary of a permanent emergency medicine physician and the perks make locum tenens even more enticing.

Some reasons physicians choose to work locum tenens are to:

  • Try out a new work environment
  • Live in a different area
  • Earn extra income to pay off loans or build a nest egg
  • Choose an ideal schedule and assignment length
  • Work on a specialization
  • Build a network of professionals
  • See how different facilities practice emergency medicine
  • Care for underserved patients in rural or urban areas
  • Work with Veterans Affairs or Indian Health Services
  • Spend more time with family
  • Take on a moonlighting assignment
  • Return to practice after retirement

According to the 2018-2019 Compensation Report for Emergency Physicians published in the American College of Emergency Physicians’ ACEP Now, the national average salary for emergency physicians increased 3.5%, a steady trend over the past ten years. There continues to be a broad range in salary across some states from $116-$300 an hour in Pennsylvania and $160-$282 an hour in Minnesota. Locum tenens continue to offer higher rates of $300-$320 an hour.

There are locum tenens opportunities for emergency medicine physicians in:

  • Hospital emergency departments
  • Intensive care units
  • Emergency transport
  • Urgent care clinics
  • Government agencies (VA, IHS)
  • Palliative care settings
  • University health centers
  • Rural health facilities

Many factors contribute to the demand for emergency medicine physicians. This growing demand can be attributed to:

  • Increased longevity of the population
  • More visits for non-urgent conditions
  • More patients with mental health issues and drug-related problems

Moreover, while many facilities are open to hiring physicians who are board-certified in primary care, doctors who are board-certified in emergency medicine (BCEM) are in high demand.

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