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Increase Office Capacity and Patient Retention with Teleflex

We partner with your ambulatory care offices by providing in-office virtual care with our Teleflex platform to increase both daily office capacity and long-term patient retention. By leveraging our technology and our robust bench of Teleflex Providers, we extend your Provider roster to increase scheduling availability and support your patient population.

How Does it Work?

Our team provides your office with Teleflex connectivity and the Teleflex Calendar app where you can book patients to be seen in your office by a Teleflex Provider virtually. When the patient arrives for their scheduled appointment, they check in just as any other patient and will be brought to your Teleflex exam room where the Teleflex Provider will perform a virtual visit through our telehealth platform and kiosk.

The Teleflex Provider will greet the patient, perform the history and virtual exam, and order the appropriate diagnostics, prescriptions, referrals and any follow-ups as necessary. Unlike external telehealth services, your Teleflex Provider will have access to the office EMR to review the patient records and document within the EMR to ensure the patient encounter remains within the practice for transparency and continuity of care.

Why it's a Smart Choice?

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